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The Mission

The worlds only cloud based customized Helipad Infrastructure Management Software (HIMS) with the tools & expertise to manage all vertical takeoff & landing (|VT&L) facilities worldwide including helipads, helidecks, heliports, vertiports, landing zones (LZ), emergency landing zones (ELZ), rooftop, groundbased, manned, unmanned, land and maritime.

Serving the oil & gas, air medical healthcare, contracted air carrier, military/government, & drone-advanced/urban air mobility sectors.

Bringing together aviation and technology experts from the military, air medical, oil & gas, drone, and air transport communities with over 80 years, thousands of hours flying experience, and enterprise technology expertise into one system.

A System of Systems (SoS) Single Point of Truth (SPOT) software platform for verifiable timely data disseminated across multiple software platforms and organizations.






Personnel Management

Personnel management allows you to track personnel achievements such as comptency assessments, drills, and additional training items. This can save countless man hours and offer significant cost savings.


Understanding your sites for optimal operational and efficient decisions. don’t get caught flat footed.


Knowing the status of your sites at the right time to the right people across linked platforms. Insuring you are protecting your personnel at the sites for aircrew, ground personnel, passengers, equipment, and operations. You don’t know whats going on at your sites how can you insure the safety of your personnel, equipment and operations.


Knowing that your sites meet all compliance standards at all times 24/7.


Have the visibility to detect and reduce risk to your aviation operations and core business operations so you dont’ appear on CNN.

Development Roadmap

Current State

Papers, Clipboards, Binders, Spreadsheets​


No Version Control ​

Low Data Confidence​

Non Distributed​


Single Point of Failure​

Backward Looking​

No forecasting predictive ability​

No visibility across, up, down, out​

Future State

Cloud Based​

Centralized control – Decentralized dissemination (permission based)​

API’s, EFB’s, Other Software Systems​

Version Control (SSoT)​

High Data Confidence​

Verifiable ​


Redundancy-Historical Safety-Backup​

Forward Looking- trend analysis, forecasting, predictions, preemptive​

Shared SSoT Data = Standardization​

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